Are You Dealing With Bunions?
By Ankle and Foot Institute
August 21, 2018
Category: Foot Conditions
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Find out if the foot problems you are experiencing could be due to this foot deformity.


If you are noticing a large bump sticking out at the bottom of your big toe then you might be dealing with a bunion. As the bunion foot bunionprogresses it can even cause the big toe to lean in on the other toes. Our St. Louis, MO, podiatrist Dr. Richard Wittock is here to tell you about to best handle a bunion if you do have one.

First and foremost, if you suspect that you have a bunion you will need to get a proper diagnosis. Usually, early on, people won’t notice any symptoms that a bunion may be brewing. While this deformity is gradual, it will continue to grow and worsen if you don’t properly care for your feet.

A bunion will cause a bony protrusion at the base of the big toe. You may notice that this hard lump is often red or swollen, particularly after walking or wearing shoes. Over time, the big toe will begin to lean in on other toes. You may have a bunion on just one foot or both of your feet. Once you notice any of these changes it’s important that you schedule a consultation with our St. Louis, MO, foot doctor.

We can often diagnose bunions just by looking at your feet. While the only way to repair the deformity is through surgery, you’ll be relieved to hear that some people can manage their symptoms without ever needing surgery.

The most common ways to treat a bunion include:

  • Wearing the proper footwear that doesn’t bunch up toes or put pressure on the bunion
  • Wearing a bunion pad over the bunion to protect it while wearing shoes
  • Placing custom orthotics into shoes to provide support and to take pressure off of the bunion
  • Over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers
  • Performing certain stretching and strengthening foot exercises
  • Steroid injections (for more serious pain and swelling)

If you suspect that your foot pain could be the result of a bunion we recommend that you get an evaluation from Ankle and Foot Institute in St. Louis, MO, the experts in handling everything from bunions to fractures. Call our office today to book your appointment.