Are You Sick and Tired of Toenail Fungus?
By Ankle and Foot Institute
January 11, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Toenail Fungus  

Don’t let unsightly toenail fungus ruin the appearance of your feet!

You may think a toenail fungal infection could never happen to you, but it certainly can. There are many things that can increase your toenail funguschances of developing a fungal infection such as walking barefoot at the local gym or pool. Luckily, if this does happen to you, our St. Louis, MO podiatrist Dr. Richard Wittock can help. Here are some common treatment options to consider when it comes to treating your fungal infection.

Most people’s first course of action when they find out that they have a fungal infection is to head to their local pharmacy or drugstore and pick out an over-the-counter medication. This can certainly be helpful for some people but not everyone. If you've tried to treat the issue yourself but have found no relief with over the counter solutions, you'll want to turn to our St. Louis foot doctor for treatment.

There are laser therapies that can be used to treat more serious and stubborn infections. Since some topical medications cannot easily penetrate through the nail to target the fungus, this treatment option is more effective. When the laser is directed at the infected nail, it can safely penetrate through the nail to break up and kill the fungus living underneath. Laser fungal treatment is completely safe and won’t affect healthy skin or nails. Laser therapy will require up to three treatment sessions. After treatment, you won’t actually see results until the infection has grown out completely. It can take several months to see a clearer nail, so patience is key to successful treatment of fungal infections.

If you’ve been unsuccessful in treating your toenail fungal infection, then turn to Dr. Wittock at Ankle and Foot Institute in St. Louis, MO, to get the proper, effective care you need to say goodbye to fungus infected nails and say hello to beautiful clear nails again.