Are You Treating Your Feet Right?
By Ankle and Foot Institute
June 10, 2014
Category: Foot Care
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podiatry st louisWe can’t stress how important foot care is for your health. People don’t like feeling restricted, and that’s what can happen if you let your foot health deteriorate.
#1 Wash Your Feet Every Day
Washing your feet on a daily basis should be a habit you get into. Clean feet combat foot odor, and you can detect any injuries you might not have noticed before. This is an especially important task for people with diabetes.
#2 Protect Your Feet With Comfortable, Supportive Shoes
You can avoid a number of foot problems, and it’s as simple as finding the right pair of shoes. It’s tempting to stuff your closet full of fashionable shoes, but most of those designs don’t take comfort into consideration. While your shoes of choice might not cramp your style, the ill-fitted ones can cramp your toes and the foot’s natural function.
Too much stress on the muscles, joints and skin can increase the risk of developing heel pain, bunions and corns/calluses.
#3 Be Quick On Your Feet and the Issues That Arise
Once you notice something is wrong with your foot or feet, you need to address it. Foot problems are a time-sensitive issue and can be a sign of a more serious health problem. It’s safer to seek professional care at our podiatry office in St. Louis, so we can determine the plan for treatment.
Give your feet the tender loving care they need. It’ll be well worth it—we promise.
Are you taking care of your feet? If a foot problem is already present, call our St. Louis podiatry office for a professional opinion.