Orthotics Don't Help Just Your Pain, But Also Your Everyday Life
By Ankle and Foot Institute
May 02, 2016
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Like Jennifer Aniston on that episode of Friends, where she tells Monica she'll take a pair of torturous, painfully uncomfortable boots off her hands because she hasn't felt her feet in years, many people believe that foot pain is an inevitable part of life. Whether from painful and uncomfortable shoes for the sake of fashion or relentless workouts at the gym, our feet are subjected to a significant amount of Orthoticsabuse and wear and tear over a lifetime. To make matters worse, many people suffer from structural and biomechanical problems that can predispose them to even more pain and injury without a little extra support.

Foot and Ankle Pain Treatment in St. Louis

Millions of people suffer from foot problems like flat feet or low arches. If you've ever gone into a specialty sporting goods store to buy a new pair of sneakers, chances are they offer something called a gait analysis, where a helpful employee asks you to walk around the store in your bare feet in order to determine seemingly random things like heel strike and pronation. But you just want the new pair of limited edition Nikes you say? While they may look great on the feet while running or playing tennis over the weekend, they might not offer the support your feet need, which can put additional pressure on the joints, and lead to other problems like knee injuries and back pain.

Wear the Shoes You Love - With Orthotics

Thanks to orthotics, which are custom made shoe inserts designed to support the arches and help to keep everything nice and aligned, a simple trip to the podiatrist can help prevent a lifetime of foot pain and discomfort. The doctors at the Ankle and Foot Institute in St. Louis offer several orthotics models for different uses:

  • Rigid orthotics (walking/dress shoes)
  • Soft orthotics (shock absorption/balance for arthritic and diabetic patients)
  • Semi-rigid orthotics (sports)

Contact a Podiatrist in St. Louis

To learn more about how you can benefit from a custom pair of orthotics, and for foot pain relief, contact the Ankle and Foot Institute by calling (636) 717-1100 to schedule an appointment today.