Telltale Signs of Toenail Fungus
By Ankle and Foot Institute
January 15, 2015
Category: Foot Care
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Find out if your foot symptoms could be caused by fungus.

Toenail fungus is actually more common than you may realize. In fact, fungal infections are the cause of about half of all nail disorders. This means that about 35 million people have experienced nail fungal infections in their lifetime. Her are the most common ToenailFungussigns of a toenail fungus and how to best treat the infection from your St. Louis, MO podiatrist.

About Toenail Fungus

The two most common fungi that infect the toenails are distal subungual onychomycosis, which is found under the nail, and white superficial onychomycosis, which affects the surface of the nail. However, keep in mind that not all infections of the toenail are fungal, so it’s important to see your St. Louis, MO podiatrist for a proper diagnosis.

The progress of your fungal infection will depend on how healthy you are, which nail is infected (toenail fungal infections tend to spread more quickly than in fingernails) and the type of environment you are in (fungus thrives in hot humid conditions). If you leave a toenail fungus untreated the condition can get worse. Therefore it’s important to see your St. Louis, MO podiatrist for treatment to preserve the integrity of the nail.

Toenail Fungus Symptoms

Are you noticing thick or discolored toenails? Do you see yellow or white streaks in your nail? Are your toenails more brittle or breaking off more easily? Are your nails brown or gray? If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then you could be dealing with a toenail fungus. Your symptoms will vary depending on the type of fungal infection.

Toenail Fungus Risk Factors

Some people are more prone to developing toenail fungus than others. If you are over the age of 60 you are more susceptible. If you have diabetes or a condition that weakens your immune system, you are also more likely to develop a toenail fungus. Furthermore, living in a hot and humid location, as well as wearing shoes that can cause feet to sweat will put you at risk. Those who have had toenail fungal infections in the past may also have recurrent infections even after treatment.

If you think you have a fungal infection, call Richard F. Wittock, D.P.M., your St. Louis podiatrist, to schedule an appointment. We can examine your nail, provide a proper diagnosis and discuss your treatment options.