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By Ankle and Foot Institute
May 16, 2017
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Find out what you can do to prevent athlete’s foot from happening to you.athlete's foot

While athlete’s foot is not a serious problem, we can probably all agree that no one wants to deal with it if they don’t have to. If you find yourself dealing with athlete’s foot, then you may be wondering why this keeps happening to you and what you can do to keep it at arm’s length. Luckily our St. Louis, MO, podiatrist Dr. Richard Wittock offers up some handy little tips for keeping your feet athlete’s foot-free.

Keep Feet Clean

While it might not come as much of surprise that you should be washing your feet everyday, you may just hop out of the shower and let your feet dry on their own. Of course, fungus thrives in areas that are moist and damp so if you want to prevent athlete’s foot then try and keep your feet thoroughly dry at all times. This means toweling off completely and between the toes after bathing. If you deal with particularly sweaty feet, apply an antifungal powder in your shoes prior to wearing them.

Wear the Proper Shoes

It’s also a good idea to wear shoes that are breathable, especially if you are prone to sweaty feet. You may even be able to find work-appropriate shoes that are also well fitted and waterproof. If you are having trouble finding shoes that provide enough breathability then talk to our St. Louis foot doctor or turn to an athletic shoe store for additional help.

Change Your Socks and Shoes

Most people just shove their feet into the same shoes day in and day out. You may even think that socks can be worn more than once, but if you are concerned about putting your feet at risk for athlete’s foot then you’ll want to shove those socks right into your hamper after using them. Give your shoes a day to air out before wearing them again. In the interim, you can spray or powder your shoes with an over-the-counter antifungal.

Don’t Share with Others

Regardless of whether someone has athlete’s foot or not, which can easily spread from one person to another, it’s important to keep things like towels or shoes to yourself. Sharing these items, especially with someone who has this fungal infection can make you prone to infection, too. If a member of your household has athlete’s foot make sure to disinfect the tub or shower after each use and make sure bath mats are properly laundered and stored away until athlete’s foot is completely gone.

Keep Feet Covered in Public Areas

Whether you love frequenting the community pool in the summer or you use your gym shower everyday, remember that these areas are hotbeds for athlete’s foot. If you want full protection, make sure to at least wear a pair of sandals in these public areas at all times.

If you are dealing with a nasty case of athlete’s foot or you just have questions about caring for your feet, you know you can always turn to the Ankle and Foot Institute in St. Louis, MO. Call our office today!

Athlete's FootAthlete's foot is one of the most common fungal infections of the skin and is frequently seen in our Fenton MO podiatry office. Whether you've had it or not, it's important to understand how you can avoid and treat this highly contagious infection if you do contract it.

The fungus that causes athlete's foot thrives in damp, moist environments and often grows in warm, humid climates, such as locker rooms, showers and public pools; hence the name "athlete's foot. " This infection can itch and burn causing the skin on your feet and between your toes to crack and peel.

Tips from Richard F. Wittock, D.P.M. for avoiding Athlete's Foot:

  • Keep your feet dry, allowing them to air out as much as possible
  • Wear socks that draw moisture away from your feet and change them frequently if you perspire heavily
  • Wear light, well-ventilated shoes
  • Alternate pairs of shoes, allowing time for your shoes to dry each day
  • Always wear waterproof shoes in public areas, such as pools, locker rooms, or communal showers
  • Never borrow shoes due to the risk of spreading a fungal infection


A mild case of athlete's foot will generally clear up on its own with over-the-counter antifungal creams and sprays. But since re-infection is common due to its contagious nature, many people require prescribed anti-fungal medication to effectively treat the infection. Generally, it's always best to consult with Richard F. Wittock, D.P.M. before choosing a treatment.

Mild cases of athlete's foot can turn severe and even cause a serious bacterial infection. If you notice your rash has become increasingly red, swollen and painful or you develop blisters and sores, call our Arnold MO office right away. Athlete's foot left untreated could eventually spread to other body parts and infect other people around you.

With the right treatment, you'll be cured of your athlete's foot in no time, which means the sooner you can enjoy the activities you love without pain and irritation!