Toenail Fungus Treatment

Sick and Tired of Your Toenail Fungus? It’s Time To Get Rid Of It — And the Leading Treatment For Eradicating Toenail Fungus Has Now Reached St. Louis and Fenton, Missouri.

Toenail Fungus Here is some great news for a change: A revolutionary new treatment for toenail fungus has arisen, perfectly safe with success rates of nearly 90% in mild to moderate infections. Severe cases may take a few extra treatments.  If you live in or near St. Louis, MO, you have access to this solution at the innovative podiatry office of Dr. Richard Wittock with The Ankle and Foot Institute in Fenton, MO.

Anyone who has ever done battle with a dreaded case of toenail fungus knows exactly how hard it is to get rid of the problem.

Most of what is available on the market today is useless.

Oral medications are notoriously ineffective unless you count the side effects that can occur; in which case they can be considered most effective, though not exactly delivering the kinds of effects anyone was looking for. These side effects are often as bad as (or worse than) the fungus problem you are trying to eliminate.

Outside of oral medications, what options are out there? You are always going to see the endless array of creams and lotions being sold all over the internet and handed out by doctors with no better solution to offer. Problem is, they can’t effectively penetrate the nail. So they don’t work. Besides, who wants to deal with goopy toes and wet socks all the time? Seriously.

Ultimately, to eliminate toenail fungus, the treatment must target beneath the surface of the nail, where the infection has taken up residence. Targeting the fungus with the right technology is our best method for eradicating nail fungus.

What IS Toenail Fungus? And What Are Its Symptoms?

Toenail fungus (also known by the longer and difficult-to-pronounce name Onychomycosis ) is, simply put, a type of fungal infection.

Unfortunately, Onychomycosis is an especially tenacious fungal infection, extremely difficult to get rid of with traditional approaches, which can rot the toenails away over the course of years or decades, making it chronic, progressive, and debilitating.

Toenail fungus affects the nail, nail bed, and matrix (the root), when dermatophytes (fungal elements) enter the nail from the skin.

Symptoms of toenail fungus include:

  • Discoloration of the nail, including white patches or yellowish streaks
  • Thickening of the nails
  • Brittle or flaking nails
  • Darkening of the skin below the nails
  • Separation of the nail from the nail bed (which typically only occurs in severe cases).

Besides the obvious embarrassment of having fungus-infected nails, toenail fungus often causes pain and, in the diabetic, even ulcers.

Furthermore, a toenail fungus will not usually go away on its own. The fungus will last for years, even decades, and will probably get worse unless you visit a podiatrist who can address the problem properly. Not just any podiatrist, though. Dr. Richard Wittock, of Fenton, MO offers the safest and most effective treatments for toenail fungus available today.

But first, let's discuss the insanity within the current array of treatment options available on today's market...

What Types of Treatment Options Are Available?

As mentioned previously, several options are out there, for sure. Most are entirely ineffective. While some may provide temporary relief of certain symptoms, they do not actually get rid of the fungus itself.

The more common treatment options include:

  • Oral Antifungal medications
  • Ointments and Creams
  • Surgical Removal of the Nail

Oral medications can be successful, but these strong anti-fungal medications may also have many negative side effects.

One look at the long list of side effects shows how these medications can be problematic in their own right, which is why so many people shy away from medications.

In fact, the mainstay treatment for Onychomycosis has been the oral medication Lamisil (terbinafine). Even with a success rate typically below 70%, blood testing is imperative due to side effects, which most notably can affect the liver.

Additionally, it is advisable to avoid anti-fungal medication if you are taking a cholesterol-lowering medication or blood thinners.

Creams and ointments are the worst treatment options, though they are the most common you will find advertised everywhere on the internet. Most of these are nothing but snake oil, and their proprietors are selling worthless bottles of goop. As discussed previously, the fungal problem is an infection beneath the toenail itself, and creams cannot penetrate properly without removing your toenail. (Not exactly a popular, or pleasingly aesthetic, option.) And even then, there is still no guarantee that an anti-fungal cream will provide a cure. Let's say you take the gamble and throw money at some mystery cream ... Even leaving aside how ineffective they are, don't forget how messy these creams can be to apply. They can be greasy, smelly, and may even stain your clothing, bedding, and carpets. And do you really want to have to be walking around with the stuff on your feet for months (or years)?

Hardly seems encouraging.

Why Are You Wasting Your Time and Money On Over-the-Counter Medications?

Now that you know the hidden dangers of side effects in OTC medications, how on earth can one justify the cost of such treatments? It's like throwing your hard-earned money down the toilet.

Plan on at least three months of inconvenience. Not to mention the high chance your toenail fungus will come back anyhow. In which case, often a second round of three-months worth of oral medicine is necessary.

If a year-long commitment isn't your bag, then there is Sporonox , yet another expensive treatment (which might be a little faster, assuming it works at all, since it too has a low rate of effectiveness).

"To say we can now address this problem safely WITHOUT MEDICATIONS is nothing short of amazing. — Dr. Richard Wittock

Which Treatment For Toenail Infections Actually Works?

Here is the good news.

Which treatment works? Works safely, without medications or ointments or lotions, without surgery? Works virtually every single time?

Ours does.

When you visit our office for our new toenail fungus treatment, you need to be ready to have your socks knocked off by something completely different.

How does having healthy, infection-free toenails sound to you?

Imagine if it’s really this easy: Just call us up, set a quick appointment, swing by the office ... and take advantage of the most sophisticated technological solution to toenail fungus available today. In three quick visits.

That’s it. Three quick visits and there is a great chance your foot fungus is history. That’s not the case with other treatments you will find out there. Many similar fungal treatments on the market try to mimic this one, but they all fall short.

Why? Because they miss the root of the problem.
The fungal infection does not sit on top of your nail. Our treatment truly targets the fungal infection beneath the surface of your nail, and destroys the fungus deep in your nail bed, to attack the problem at its source.

So how can you expect a treatment to work if it does not penetrate below the surface?

This new treatment penetrates in a way that is both perfectly safe yet highly effective.

If you live near St. Louis, MO, a few short visits to Dr. Richard Wittock in Fenton, MO, and your fungal infection will likely be gone.

Seriously. Imagine that: An end to your fungal toe problems. Your toenails will simply grow back clean and healthy again.

No more discomfort, no uncomfortable stares from family or strangers, no ignorant assumptions from passerby as to your standards of personal hygiene, and no more having to worry about what shoes or sandals you are (or aren’t) going to wear. It really is this easy.

Seeing Is Believing!

toe nail fungus treatment toenail fungus treatment results
Before and After at 4 Months

toenail fungus procedure toenail fungus procedure results
Before and After at 5 Months

foot fungus before treatment foot fungus treatment

foot fungus after treatment foot fungus procedure after traetment

foot fungus before treatment foot fungus before treatment

foot fungus after treatment foot fungus after traetment

Before Toenail Fungus Treatment After Toenail Fungus Treatment

Toenail Fungus After Toenail Fungus Treatment

Before and After - Left Foot
Before Toenail Fungus Treatment After Toenail Fungus Treatment

Before and After - Right Foot
Before Toenail Fungus Treatment After Toenail Fungus Treatment

This technology constitutes a huge breakthrough. It is truly like no other available today, outperforming its imitators, and leaving all other procedures in the dust. And you can take advantage of our toenail fungus procedure right now, in three short treatments, right here in the comfort of our Fenton office, without pain, drugs, or anesthesia.

Why waste your valuable time on treatment options that are ineffective, tedious, or even potentially dangerous? Fact is, most treatments out there will never get rid of fungal infections. But this revolutionary treatment provides an extremely high rate of success all with no risk to your body.

"We are so excited to bring this technology to the St. Louis area. This treatment has proven extremely popular because of its effectiveness." — Dr. Richard Wittock

If you could have a 90% chance of having your toenails be fungus-free, and it really was as simple as a quick trip to the The Ankle and foot Institute in Fenton, MO, just south of St. Louis proper, in order to be done with this problem for good, wouldn’t you want to just get in and have it taken care of as soon as possible?

Don’t put this off. You have been consumed by your toenail fungus problems far too long already. If you live in or near St. Louis, simply call the offices of Dr. Richard Wittock today for an appointment: +1-636-717-1100 .

Why Call Right Now?

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Call us today and find out how our laser treatment can completely wipe out your embarrassing, unsightly fungal toenail problem.

Stop finding innovative ways to bury your feet in the sand, hide your feet under tables, or convince yourself that wearing socks with sandals is all the rage.

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We look forward to meeting you soon, and look forward to helping you get your toenails healthy again!

Dr. Richard Wittock is one of the most experienced, innovative, and successful podiatrists in the St. Louis area, and his extraordinary results in treating toenail fungus are rapidly earning him the much-deserved, highly acclaimed position as St Louis's leading provider of the most effective Onychomycosis procedures available.

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